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"We can make the world a better place if we can make people happy. And we can start from one kid at a time." -- Ying of Little Yogi Bangkok, this week's featured Rainbow Kids Yoga grad. Keep reading to learn more about Ying and what she le...arned from her Rainbow Kids Yoga experience: Why did you sign up for our training? Before training with RKY, I was certified to teach yoga but mostly for adults. One day there was a family who wanted me to teach them the whole family for their family activity. I taught them and realized that to teach a group of variety ages, I may need to add some elements of fun. Lucky me, I found RKY training and yes the training fulfill me the fun that I was looking for. Biggest learnings from the training: I learnt that happiness is the key to teach yoga for everyone. We can make the world a better place if we can make people happy. And we can start from one kid at a time. What did you do post-graduation? I continue teaching yoga and keep spreading the fun. With my background in science education, I learn to integrate science into my class with the fun theme. So kids can learn both science to understand the nature and learn yoga to help them live happily. I also set up the team and encourage my yoga teacher friends to learn more about kids and family yoga. Little Yogi Bangkok is our team name. Advice for people thinking about taking the training: The training has changed my life and my perspective of teaching yoga. The training is not only for teaching kids but for all. You will learn so many ideas of teaching for family and community. Also the teaching technique in the training can help you teach adults better such as doing more partner yoga. Wow is the word that you will say so many time in the training! Wow! Visit Ying ’s website at

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